My day as an MYP Student…the day before

I am very excited about tomorrow. Why? Because I’m spending the day as an MYP student! I will be live tweeting my experience all day via @bondclegg

To understand my reasoning behind this day of learning, I’ll go with a why, how what model: 



  • First, I made sure to inform my administrators to ensure I had support for this day 
  • I contacted teachers to see who might be interested in having an extra student in their class
  • I then built my schedule to allow me to experience at least one class from each MYP year
  • Teachers were kind enough to provide me with any preparatory learning that I had to complete prior to attending their class
  • I made sure I had my device, writing materials, calculator, PE clothes and a lunch! (Thanks goodness it’s dress down day…no uniform needed!) 


My schedule for the day: 

Block 1 – MYP 2 Mathematics

Block 2 – MYP 2 Arts (Visual Art) 

Block 3 – MYP 5 Language and Literature

Block 4 – MYP Phase 2 Langauge Acquisition (Arabic) 

Block 5 – MYP 4 PHE

Block 6 – MYP 3 Individuals and Societies 

I wanted to ensure I saw the full spectrum of the MYP years, while at the same time scaffolding myself as a learner (hence MYP 2 math, art and phase 2 Arabic!). 

This is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time and I’m very curious to see what I learn, what the students think about having me in the classroom and what my colleagues think. 

To be continued after my day of learning…


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