My day as an MYP Student – The Short Version

Last week, I spent the day going from class to class as an MYP student, experiencing a small taste of what our students experience on a day to day basis. I outlined my reasons for wanting to give being student a try earlier – most importantly to build community with our learners and show them that a school shouldn’t be about top down learning, but a group of people all working to learn together. 

Here is a gimps into what I experienced – if you are interested, check out the full story here! 
Big Takeaways: 

  1. Many students love school, but many students find school to be an uncomfortable place to be. 
  2. There are so many different types of learners – how can we meet them all at their level of interest/understanding? 
  3. Student conversation that sometimes seems like silliness is often provoked by, or is connected to the learning. 
  4. Our teachers are providing a wide range of experiences – hands on, analytical, creative, dialogue-driven etc. – in order to support our students’ growth. 
  5. Having a nice lunch break to play sports is awesome. 
  6. Experiencing students teach me Arabic and seamlessly switch between reading, writing and speaking two very different languages was honestly like watching a magic show – I was in awe. 
  7. There is very little we can do in our classes that will ever be as important to our students as what is going on in their lives, right now. All the more reason to try, as much as possible, to connect the experience of learning to the lives of our students. 
  8. Being a student is hard – you are expected to be “on” all day, completely focused on things you aren’t necessarily choosing to be focused on and expected to be proficient in things that you may not understand, or be interested in. We would rarely hold adults to these types of standards, why do we expect this of children? 
  9. Students appreciate seeing their teachers as learners – the feedback I got from our students was outstanding. 
  10. Simply put, our students are amazing – mad respect. 

I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in trying it – even if it is only for one class! I not only learned so much about our students, I learned a lot about myself as a learner. My next step? Take this experience and spread it out over a week’s time, with each entire day of the week devoted to one MYP year level. Hopefully I get the chance to do this before the year is out! 

What do you think of this experience? Would you try it? If you do, please let me know!  


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